Gluten Free Steamed Treacle Sponge Pudding

Monday 16 August 2021

Gluten Free Golden Syrup Steamed Pudding
Easy Gluten Free Steamed Treacle Pudding   

Gluten Free Steamed Treacle Pudding
Gluten Free Steamed Treacle Sponge Pudding 

I made this wonderful gluten free steamed treacle pudding because I am currently reading a book that is set in the 1940's. In this book a treacle pudding was mentioned so lovingly that I had to look for the recipe and make it.  


Of course the recipe had to be from an English source as a steamed treacle pudding is very British and I searched and found this one.


I changed it to be a gluten free recipe and it works wonderfully.

Make sure the margarine and eggs are room temperature as they will curdle. It happened to me! The way to fix it is add some flour a little at a time until it smooths out a bit then add the milk and it's back to normal. 


I also found that most of the syrup didn't get absorbed by the pudding so it looks like a giant creme caramel hahah. I don't know why this happened but the gluten free steamed pudding was still incredibly moist and delicious.  


My pudding basin was also a 2 litre so I didn't need to put any baking paper, foil and string which seems such a chore. 


I have kept these details in the recipe in case you pudding steamer is the right size. Since most have lids is this even necessary any more. I don't know. I'm just trying to be helpful. 

If you are looking for some lovely light on the tummy comfort food you have found it. Enjoy. 

Gluten Free Steamed Treacle Pudding

150 gm margarine room temperature, plus extra to grease
125 ml golden syrup
25 gm caster sugar
2 large eggs room temperature
150 gm gluten free self-raising flour
½ tsp fine sea salt
100ml Zymil lactose free milk


Generously butter a 1.2-litre pudding steamer. Lay out a large sheet of foil and top with a sheet of baking paper. Butter the paper, then fold both layers to make a pleat in the centre. (Lots of YouTube videos to show you how to do this). This will cover the pudding steamer.

Pour 125ml golden syrup into the base of the pudding bowl.

Cream 150g margarine and the sugar together in a mixing bowl until they are light and fluffy. Beat in the eggs, then sift in the flour and salt and mix again. Add the milk and mix until nice and smooth.


Then dollop this mixture on top of the syrup in the pudding steamer. 

Cover with the baking paper and foil, buttered paper-side down. Tie securely with string, making a handle to easily lift the basin. Trim the excess paper and foil to prevent water getting into the pudding as it steams. (Once again lots of YouTube videos to show you how to do this).

At the bottom of a large deep pot place a small upturned saucer or a trivet then place the pudding steamer on top. Fill pot so steamer is covered halfway with boiling water. Top up every 30 minutes and steam for 1½ hours. 


A skewer placed into the centre (through the coverings) should come out without any sticky sponge crumbs.

Remove the foil and baking paper coverings and place a large plate on top of the steamer. Turn out and serve with custard or cream or just enjoy with the lovely extra syrup flowing down the sides.

Original recipe is from Sainsbury Magazine UK

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