Sushi Recipe

Sunday 21 October 2012


The hardest part about making sushi and this sushi recipe is the rice. The rest is very quick and easy. I bought the Obento Sushi Kit which had everything in it. All I had to buy were the ingredients that I wanted to put in the sushi rolls.

Cooking Sushi Rice

1. Bring 600ml water and contents of the rice sachet to the boil.
2. Lower heat, cover and simmer 12-14 minutes.
3. Remove from heat and stand covered 5-10 minutes.

Prepare Sushi Rice

1. In a large bowl, evenly sprinkle powdered sushi mix over hot rice.
2. Stir through rice using a paddle or flat blade knife to separate and cool rice.
3. Divide rice into 6 even portions.

Prepare Sushi

1. Place 1 sheet of nori (shiny side down) onto the bamboo rolling mat, moisten your hands with water and take a handful of cooled prepared rice.

Sushi Rolls

2. Spread the rice evenly over the surface of the nori, to within 1cm of the edge.

3. I spread some mayonnaise in the middle of the placed some chopped up prawns.

sushi rolls
4. Then I added some sliced up avocado and salt.

sushi rolls
5. Begin rolling up the mat over the ingredients holding the mat tight. Stop when you get 2.5cm from the edge of the sushi roll. Lift the mat and roll forward again to join the edges of the sushi roll. Keep applying a gentle pressure to make the roll firm.

Sushi Pictures

6. Use a sharp knife to cut the completed rolls in half, place the halves side by side and cut into thirds each roll will make 6 pieces.


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