Easy Flapper Pie Recipe

Monday 13 June 2016

Freshly Baked Flapper Pie

Hazelnut Meal Crust

Delicious vanilla custard filling
Light and fluffy meringue topping

The finished product - Flapper Pie

A slice of fluffy heaven

Easy Gluten Free and Lactose Free Flapper Pie

I found out about Flapper Pie which I had never heard of before from a friend on Facebook - as youe do. He posted a list of pies and this was on it. The minute I saw Flapper Pie I knew I had to make it.

Of course the original has a biscuit base but since I don't eat wheat I found the almond meal variation. You could also use gluten free biscuits to make a gluten free biscuit base if you don't want to use a nut meal. Might try that next time. Also since I am lactose intolerant I used lactose free milk.

I found this pie very easy on my stomach. It is very light and easy to digest so a few slices will go down a treat!

I did find it a bit bland though. It didn't help that I forgot to sprinkle some almond meal on top to add some crunch which it does need for that extra texture.

Don't let the three layers scare you, it is so easy to make. Just take it a step at a time, put it together as instructed and you will have a lovely Flapper Pie in no time.

Original recipe from The Kitchen Magpie

Easy Gluten Free, Lactose Free Flapper Pie

1 ½ cups nut meal (I used hazelnut meal but you can use almond)
¼ cup melted coconut oil
dash of cinnamon

2½ cups lactose free milk
½ cup of white sugar
¼ cup of gluten free corn starch
3 egg yolks
1 tsp vanilla
pinch of salt

Meringue Topping
3 egg whites
¼ cup of sugar
¼ tsp of cream of tartar

2 tsps almond meal

1. Mix all the crust ingredients together and press all around and up the sides of a 25cm/10 inch pie dish. Bake at 180C/350F for 10 minutes.

2. Combine all the ingredients for the filling and mix together. Cook on a medium heat until it boils and thickens, making sure to stir constantly (this is the secret)! Set aside to cool while you make the meringue. (Note this will get a skin on it unless you place a layer of baking paper on top).

3. Beat the meringue ingredients together until they form stiff peaks.

4. Pour the filling into the crust and top with the meringue. Make little peaks with a fork which will brown when baked. Sprinkle the almond meal on the top then bake in a 180C/350F degree oven until the meringue browns, around 10 minutes. Keep an eye on it though so it doesn't burn.

5. Cool in the fridge and eat the same day.

Note: This pie does not last long as the meringue on top gets gooey and the nut meal crust gets moist and gets soggy so eat the same day or next day. It won't last longer than that.


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